This puppy is guaranteed to be free of any life threatening disease or illness for seven days from the date of pickup/delivery and one year from any serious inherited defects that would affect its ability to function as a companion/pet. In the case that such a defect should appear, upon verification by our veterinarian, we will replace the puppy from another litter if available then or within a reasonable time period thereafter upon the return of the dog at the purchaser’s expense or shall refund half of the purchase price of the dog and the owner may keep his/her dog. All shipping and veterinary costs are the owner’s responsibility. For this guarantee to remain in effect, the puppy must be examined by a veterinarian within 5 days of pickup/delivery as well as have annual veterinary checkups and treatment as prescribed. This puppy must also be fed a name brand "Large Breed Puppy Food" (Acceptable Brands would be ProPlan, Science Diet, Iams, & Eukinuba) , for the first year of life unless another diet is prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. (To insure guarantee, receipts of food purchases must be maintained.) Owner must contact us within 24 hours of any life threatening disease or illness. Owner must contact us and also provided all needed documentation from vet within 1 week of diagnosis of any serous inherited defect. 

The buyer understands that this puppy has been sold with a Limited AKC Registration.  This agreement is null and void if there is any evidence of abuse or neglect.

I have read this guarantee and agree to all the terms:

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This guarantee is not a promise that a genetic health problem won't occur, but a promise about what will happen if it does.  We also feel our dogs and puppies are family and want them in happy, loving homes. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep him or her, we will happily take them back.


Health Guarantee - Paws Up North - Sample (pdf)