Shipping Cost is approximately $325.00

If you would like a quote for shipping to your airport please contact us!

We fly our puppies mostly with American Airlines and can fly them into most major US airports.

All our puppies are flown with a Priorty Pet Service (VIP)  This insures that the puppy will have a place on the chosen flight and will not bumped to a later flight.  This service also gives our puppies a priorty to make quicker connections and they are also loaded last and taken off their flights first.


To ensure our puppies comfort while traveling we:

  • Never sedate our puppies for travel as the effects of sedatives at high altitudes are unpredictable

  • Familiarize our puppies with travel crates from birth.

  • Familiarize each puppy their own crate many days before they travel.

  • Include a leash and collar on the crate so that:  An airline employee can walk the puppy if there is a long layover.  You can walk your puppy when he/she arrives

  • Include a bag of food so that if a flight is delayed more than 12 hours your puppy can be offered food.  Food is also included so that if you choose to switch to a different brand of food you can adjust your puppy to his/her new diet gradually

  • Micro-chip your puppy to insure proper identification.

  • Treat your puppy with Revolution prior to shipping to protect against fleas and mites while traveling.

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